Jana at Rang Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Rang Hill

Jana at Rang Hill Viewpoint in Phuket - Jana at Rang Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Viewpoint in Phuket and a temple with Big Buddha statue

In Phuket City we stayed in a poor accommodation, which had a big advantage. It was only a ten minute walk from our first temple and the Rang Hill Viewpoint. The temple has a large golden Buddha and cute Buddhist figures. At the top of the hill is the Rang Hill viewpoint. The small climb is worth it.

We got up before sunrise and made our way to Wat Khao Rang. The way is not visible immediately, but recognizable by the steep ascent. A monk was driven up by a scooter driver and we knew that this was the right way. When we arrived we were greeted with the bark of dogs. They are probably not used to tourists, especially not at this time of day. Before we entered the stairs, we changed our clothes, which means to cover shoulders and knees. The entrance of the temple is fascinating and was a completely new experience for us.

Our first temple in Phuket 

After we had changed our clothes we went upstairs, accompanied by five dogs who followed us every step of the way and barked at us. This was not easy for me, because I did not know such situations from Germany. I realized that it was their home and they were probably even more irritated by me and my fears. At the top we saw no monks and the temple was locked. There was nobody to see except us and we used the time to explore the temple.

There was much to discover and we were very excited about what to expect, but a little disappointed that the temple was not open. Whether the access was public was not clear to us. But what we knew for sure was: shoes off before entering a temple. More about the rules soon in our article Temple Visit.

We were finally discovered by a monk. He waved at us and we followed him. He took us to the temple and opened the big doors. We did not dare to enter because he did not speak to us. To our surprise he opened all the windows, waved us in and said: ” You can take now pictures.” We didn’t expect that. We immediately felt welcome and are grateful to him for it.

The temple is from the inside hand painted with pictures of Buddha and the royal family. The walls tell stories and from the windows you can see the large golden Buddha statue. The Buddha statue in the temple itself is illuminated with LEDs in changing colours. Entry of the modern age.

Lung Pu Supa

The temple is also known as Wat Lung Pu Supa, named after the founder of the temple. He travelled on foot to several countries in Asia and became 118 years old. Lung Pu Supa has been a monk since he was nine years old, making him the oldest practicing monk in the world. His life’s work includes not only the foundation of many temples, but also his help and support of the people in need. He himself lived in Phuket for several years before spending the rest of his life in Chalong.

Next to the big Buddha statue we found huge dongs that were almost as big as me. A really beautiful temple and worth a visit. We were the only tourists during our whole visit and enjoyed it very much.

Rang Hill Viewpoint

After our temple visit we went to the viewpoint of Rang Hill. The ascent was a bit difficult and also this time we were the only tourists. At least the only ones who went up. At the top there is a café with an restaurant and a pavilion. Afterwards we get to the viewing platform. The view was not very impressive. Phuket is a city that is quite built up, but the sea is visible and a few more hills.

More impressive for me was the huge tree with the swing. As you can see from the pictures, Rang Hill was in quiet, but that’s exactly what every traveller wants. We didn’t regret our visit because it was mainly caused by a sweet surprise. Many little monkeys.

Our first monkeys

We are aware that the monkeys are not there for fun, because “Monkey Food” is sold. We didn’t buy bananas, but rather watched the hustle and bustle without attracting them.

The monkey himself got the cup of iced tea: An unsuspecting scooter driver wanted to go to the toilet. The monkey recognized his chance, jumped briefly from the tree, grabbed the cup and was seconds later with the drink back at a safe height. To our wonder he drank the sugar water to the last sip before throwing away the cup.

It was a day full of new impressions and we are very excited about our next days. I hope you too, because we are going to the first island called Ko Yao Noi.

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