Girls on Phuket Old Town Walking Street

Phuket Walking Street

Girls on Phuket Old Town Walking Street - Girls on Phuket Old Town Walking Street

Sunday market in Phuket Old Town

The Walking Street in the Thalang Road was only a few minutes walk away from our hotel in Phuket. It is more than just a market with many street kitchens. Musicians, artists and salesmen meet here for an unforgettable experience.

We were lucky that we were still in Phuket City on Sunday, because only then the Thalang Road becomes the famous Walking Street. Therefore, the street is closed and an entrance gate is built. In front there are beautiful girls in traditional costumes. The Walking Street starts at 4pm and welcomes its visitors until 9pm.

The Walking Street in the Thalang Road

This is probably the most beautiful night market in Phuket city. We noticed that there are no power cables in front of the houses in the whole street. Anyone who has ever been to Asia knows how unusual this is. We were impressed by the colorful, old VW-cars in the street, which were partly used as stalls. There was certainly one or the other collector’s item.

The street is flooded with warm light and a house is decorated with a huge graffiti painting. There is a lot to discover and we liked that very much. This was our first night market and we were looking forward to more.

An Old VW car in the Walking Street
An Old VW car in the Walking Street

Artists and other attractions

The special atmosphere was the result of the musicians. They were equipped with loudspeakers and microphones, so that their beautiful voice could still be heard despite all the hustle and bustle. A few rows of chairs were also set up in front of them so that we enjoyed the show in peace. There was also a little boy who created amazing paintings and raised money for a children’s hospital.

If that wasn’t enough, several artists lined up at small stands and one painted coconut shell made its way to Germany. As long-term travellers we better do avoid souvenirs, we prefer a small donation to support them.

Streetfood on the Walking Street

We are especially looking forward to food. Already in Germany we were big fans of streetfood festivals. Here in Phuket it takes place every Sunday. Of course the meat and fish offer dominates, but also vegetarians and vegans find something here. For us there were tasty Dim Sums with different vegetable fillings, spring rolls, fried tofu and lots of exotic fruit.

Most dishes are prepared to order, so it really can’t get any fresher. With the juices and drinks we had bad luck, because they were all over-sweetened, instead we preferred a coconut. We were thrilled by the variety of dishes and the taste. This led to the fact that we started our way home with rather full bellies. But who can withstand great food?

Yummy vegan Dim Sum
Yummy vegan Dim Sum

The city of Phuket has even more to offer as for example our first temple in Asia called Wat Khao Rang. Special to this temple is a large golden Buddha statue. Visit with us Wat Khao Rang at Rang Hill in Phuket City.

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