Phuket Old Town


Historical buildings and Walking Street in the Old Town of Phuket

Although Phuket Old Town is located in the heart of Phuket City, the district deserves its own article. First of all we got to know our coconut-granny there, who has interesting stories in store. Secondly there is a walking street with streetfood on the weekend. Oh and thirdly it is beautiful there even during the week.

From our accomodation or better dosshouse, right across from Phuket Hospital we walked. It is only three kilometres and there are even sidewalks. That was new for us. 

The townscape of Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old-Town can be recognized by the well-known and lovingly maintained houses. They are characterized by the Portuguese architectural style and give this quarter its unique character. Old buildings have been restored and now serve as museums or residential buildings.

In the streets there are beautiful hostels, exquisite gastronomy and of course our coconut granny, which we met later. There are also old chinese houses that fit exactly into the cityscape.

In the streets of the old town you can even find real handicraft, like the old printing houses or studios. Phuket Old Town is full of history and worth a visit if you want to see something different from Phuket. During the week there is not much going on and the city invites you to stay.

Food and shopping in Old Town

Already in the streets in front of Old Town the shopping possibilities line up and at every corner one gets a snack or a shake. Not only the shops are nice, but also the offered products. A lot of value is placed on handmade products. Batik clothes, self-carved soaps, decorated coconut shells for example. Everything without aggressive advertising. This does not take place in Phuket Old Town at all, even the Tuk Tuk drivers and mototaxis are very reserved.

The further you go towards the middle of the district, the higher the prices will be. The restaurants are a bit too expensive for us backpackers The places looked very nice and had been completely renovated just like the other houses in Old Town. We enjoyed spending a few relaxing hours here.

There is no comparison to this on weekends, especially on Sundays. Then Thalang Road is closed off and a big market is opened. Also known as the Walking Street.

Wat Mongkol Nimit

The Buddhist temple in Phuket Old Town Wat Mongkol Nimit, like many temples in Southeast Asia, is located right next to a school. Those who visit it in the afternoon after school, experience the most lively and chaotic moments of the day. A great entertainment program with lots of laughing and curious children.

Wat Mongkol Nimit
Wat Mongkol Nimit

The temple itself was nothing special, but we liked the atmosphere there very much. We found the interaction of monks, parents and children inspiring.

The best coconut in Phuket Old Town

After visiting the temple we decided to walk back to the city. The way was not unknown to us, but we became aware of a funny stand at the roadside. A decorated coconut with sunglasses. When the owner stood in front of us with a laugh, we knew: Here we want to have a coconut.

It was the first time that we got a spoon for it and I felt a bit stupid, that I always disassembled the coconut completely, although it is great to spoon. It was served to us by an older lady whom we lovely call our coconut granny. She speaks perfect English and could even impress with a few German and Russian sentences. A really well-read and very intelligent woman, whose stories and wisdom we liked to hear. To this day we take her advice to heart:

“Stay healthy. Drink coconut every day”

Our coconut granny from Phuket

Coconut is one of the healthiest foods in the world and is full of vitamins and natural electrolytes. We still love coconuts and can’ t even imagine being in countries where there are no coconuts.

On the day of leaving Phuket City we made our way to her again, because the local bus departs from the Ranong Road, which is located in Phuket Old Town. We enjoyed not only one last tasty coconut, but also the extra service of stopping the bus for us at the road. With our heavy luggage a real blessing, but also a new impression of how it works here in Thailand. Just wait for the bus and get on. Provided one you can read Thai, otherwise you better walk to the bus station.

The Sirikit Park and the B Cat Cafe

Sirikit Park is just around the corner and was built in honour of the Queen. We walked to the post office – sending a package from Thailand to Germany is an own story – and took the chance to rest there for a few minutes and let the famous dragon with the fin work its magic on us.

Just a few meters further on we discovered the next highlight. The B Cat Cafe is one of the special places in Phuket Old Town. Besides cake and coffee there is also Thai food, which is all secondary. Because in the B Cat Cafe live like the name already says in about 30 cats.  Since we wanted to go to the post office early, the cat house was unfortunately still closed and was just being cleaned. But we were able to watch the cats behind the window looking after a water jet.

That entertained us so well for a while that we wanted to go back later. At that time we didn’t know that our package would keep us busy a little longer.

All cat lovers are therefore advised to visit us after 11:00 a.m., except on Mondays when there is a rest day at the B Cat Cafe in Phuket Town. You can also find an interesting article about the cat house on

That was it now in Phuket. Despite our sparse accommodation we had a great time with beautiful experiences. Now we go with the local bus to the pier and from there with the longtail boat to our first island Ko Yao Noi. I hope you are there again.

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