The fire chef of Phuket

Phuket City

The fire chef of Phuket

From dream beach to nightmare

From Naiyang Beach we went on to Phuket City. We wanted a little more action after the leisurely beach days. But above all, we were interested in the temples, the famous beaches of Patong and Karon Beach as well as Phuket Old Town. But already on arrival we were a little shocked.

The trip to Phuket City took almost an hour, was very comfortable and with 500 Baht a fair price, which our hostess at Baan Rom Pruk wanted for it. You probably won’t get that price right at the airport, about 600-800 Baht should be common. The airport bus would have taken us for 200 Baht. From the bus terminal to the hostel it would have taken us an hour in the blazing heat with our full luggage. We didn’t want to do this to ourselves. We were just at the beginning of our travel. We are still accustomed to it.

In Phuket City, some surprises await us. For the first time Asian city life with street dogs, noise and stench was already a lot for Jana. But the biggest surprise was our new accommodation, which we don’t want to name here. First of all, we do not recommend our hosts in Phuket City.

The dosshouse

The entrance to the hotel went through the restaurant, where no one could be found. But you got rotten from the bad smell, which we could not assign at first. Only later in the evening did we discover the muddled durian, who, in her name “stink fruit,” distributed this disgusting stench throughout the house in honor of her name.

Reluctantly and listlessly, a boy led us to our room. At first glance, the room was clean. It had no more than a mattress, a bin, a rickety clothes bar and a wall fan. So we checked in and gratefully farewelled our hostess and taxi driver. She had stayed with us for so long to make sure we were well cared for. Dear people at Baan Rom Pruk We can really recommend our first hosts at Naiyang Beach.

Our room in Phuket City

The mattress lying on the floor is covered with unwashed sheets. The musty smell and stains aren’t exactly inviting. We decide to get the cottage sleeping bags out for a first nap. That’s exactly what we bought them for. The heat in the room is nauseous, so first to the toilet and shower off.

The toilets take getting used to for us Europeans. There is no toilet paper and if you had any, you should not throw it in the bowl, but in the bucket. That’s where it litters in front of it. For this, there are practical small showers, which are meant to brush through your butt, but work at least as well for splashing off the location before and after. Well, you get used to not having a toilet paper over time.

We didn’t want to get used to the showers, the smelly rubbish and the basin, in which a blue toothbrush cup has been quietly doing its rounds for a week. We were still showering at least two times a day.

The Fire Chef of Phuket City

After a long nap of a few hours, we had big hunger. In the immediate vicinity, all the food kitchens and food stalls were just with meat, so we had to take a few feet through nightly, unknown Phuket. The street dogs didn’t want anything from us, but in packs they were Jana a bit tremendously. After some kitchens, the fire cook caught our eye. He really enjoys lighting his kitchen, as you can see in the cover photo. He also saved us the evening with two times fried rice with vegetables for 50 Baht. Water on ice and fire show were free.

The Nights in Phuket Town

It wasn’t just the first impression of the accommodation that was uncomfortable. Even the nights in Phuket City were rough. Right in front of the guesthouse is a small brake mound that misses its purpose. It is used for a swing, there is a start right in front of our window. Who has never been to Thailand: Mofas and scooters can be loud, very loud, even louder at night. Sometimes we thought there would be a motorcycle race outside.

Phuket police may have their entire buildings from tourist police to forensics along this road, but traffic police are rarely home or take some money off at Patong Beach of roll-experiencing tourists. In the article Roller Driving in Thailand we write extensively about this. For those who have fun on two wheels, whether you are a scooter or a bike.

Oh, but that wasn’t all in the noise. Our neighbour has been loudly enjoying herself with an Italian roommate after a short consultation. She often had pleasure with guests just behind the thin wall in the side room and finally there were the mobile phone alarm clocks around every conceivable time, from further aforing or the Thais who had service in the opposite hospital. Maybe they used themselves ear plugs. By the way, we also had evening Thai TV and smells of the actually forbidden room kitchens.

Staying positive

We don’t want to complain too much either, it was just a shock after our great accommodation and we were disappointed with the staff. On the other hand, we appreciate how well we’re doing. We can move on, for other residents this guesthouse is her home. It is one of the cheapest places to stay in Phuket City and for many the only way to stay near their job. For the young women in particular, it is a chance for a better future.

The cheap and plentiful breakfast was, by the way, the plus point of the property. There was rice with vegetables or tofu and-we unfortunately noticed it too late-some fish sauce for 40 Baht. We also got free water and spices. In the article Food in Thailand more on the topic of vegan and vegetarian diets.

Rank Hill and Wat Khao Rank Samakkhitham

For our first temple visit to Thailand we got up very early. Firstly, we wanted to capture the beautiful light in the morning on pictures and secondly, your skin burn too fast in the midday hours during such expeditions.

From the property we went only a few hundred meters steeply up a mountain to Wat Khao Rang Samakkhitham. Some monks have just been ramped up with the scooter and I can’t be nauseous with them, it’s already quite hot at this time.

Before we climb the stairs to the temple, we move in the restrooms. Luckily I have a pair of zip-off pants and my T-shirt is adequate. Importantly, the knees and shoulders are covered. In the Temple Visit article, we summarized some rules and tips for you.

Phuket Rank Hill
Phuket Rank Hill

Our conclusion and how to proceed

Our accommodation in Phuket City had positive sides beyond breakfast. The short walk to a beautiful temple, the rank of Hill Viewpoint and the central location at a reasonable price. Better said, it’s one of the cheapest places to stay in all of Phuket.

For us, this experience was enriching. It hardened both of us for what’s yet to come. Our next adventure was the onward journey to Ko Yao Noi on the Phuket Local Bus. See you again! A detailed article about Wat Khao rank can also be found on the website.

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