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Naiyang Beach

Schatten am Naiyang Beach -

Dream beach in the flight lane

Phuket has a bad reputation if you are looking for a quiet, family-friendly beach location. You know the Patong Beach and the Karon Beach, the Naiyang Beach is almost unknown. For us the beautiful and quiet beach at Phuket Airport was the perfect start of our trip around the world. Therefore we extended the booked three nights for two more nights.

Fortunately we are late with our blog and are writing this article now. We were now three months in Thailand and one month in Cambodia. So we have a comparison concerning accommodation, food and prices. After many beaches, islands and accommodations we still like to think back to Naiyang Beach. Many things like the friendliness of the people, the cheap and good food and the spotlessly clean accommodation we appreciate all the more today.

Swimming in the flight lane

Plane at Phuket Airport, Naiyang Beach - Image Credit: IamDoctorEgg /
Plane at Phuket Airport, Naiyang Beach – Image Credit: IamDoctorEgg /

Naiyang Beach is located at Phuket Airport and you can see the planes arriving. Nevertheless it took us three days to notice the proximity of the airport at all, because the waves swallow the aircraft noise without any problems. In our 10 minutes walk away accommodation the airplanes were not to be heard.

To go swimming directly in the flight path is of course a bit louder, but the big planes give you the extra bathing kick. We didn’t try it out and preferred to lie around the corner, where it was quieter and also shadier. You burn very fast in the sun and we wanted to do without sun cream.

Beautiful bathing beach, lonely for Phuket

Naiyang Beach is beautiful, very clean and surprisingly empty. The turquoise blue water has a pleasant bathing temperature. You can walk out on the slightly coarser sand and swim perfectly at Naiyang Beach. A few sections of the beach you have for yourself. The front part of the beach is directly on the flight path to Phuket Airport. Despite aircraft noise there is often more going on than a bit further, where the waves are the only background noise. There we spent some time alone at a nice shady place. Only in the back area, where there are also a couple of nice beach restaurants and a handful of resorts, there is a bit more going on.

Keks at Naiyang Beach in Phuket
Keks at Naiyang Beach in Phuket

Clean and family friendly beach

Naiyang Beach belongs to the Sirinat National Park and there are regular cleaning activities, which collect washed-up flotsam and rubbsih. We were very happy to participate. If you want to find out more, you can find current activities in the Green Nai Yang Group on Facebook.

The beach is family-friendly and there is no party mile like at Patong Beach. However, there are a some of peaceful beach dogs who sometimes don’t want to be disturbed during their siesta.

Beeing lonely at Naiyang Beach

Cooking kitchen and breakfast soup

The restaurants at the beach were a bit too expensive for us backpackers, for two dishes and two water you can quickly get rid of 10-15 €. We preferred to walk a few hundred meters the Thep Krasat Tri-Nai Yang Road into the Muslim small village Ban Wong Li, there everything costs half and tastes more delicious. Pleasant side effect: one supports small kitchens and local families instead of large resorts or investment groups. Something we have worked out in our travel codex in the meantime.??

The Khao Tom Soup in vegan execution without meat, fish or egg costs only sensational 10 Baht (approx. 30 cent). With some mango sticky rice, for 5 Baht for dessert, the breakfast lasts the whole day. Once we each had two soups, but then we really reached the filling limit of our stomachs.

Water and all possibilities for spicing are on the table, as we are used to from good street kitchens. By the way, the breakfast offer is valid for early risers from 5:30 and ends for late risers only in the late morning. Those who want to be sure rather go there before 10:00 o’clock.

When the soup is sold out, it is quiet in Ban Wong Li. At noon, the whole Ban Wong Li is resting. From afternoon until late in the evening one finds there good street kitchens with Pad Thai and fried rice, both without fish and egg for 50 Baht (approx. 1.50 Euro). Roti with banana, the typical Thai pancake you can enjoy for 40 Baht. At the fruit stands you can get an arm full of bananas, 1 pound of dragon fruit, 1 pound of Charon and a mango for 100 Baht. More about Thai fruits soon here in the blog.

In Ban Wong Li we washed our laundry for the first time. We don’t have much with us, as you’ll soon see on our packing list. The laundry self-service cost 20 Baht, the liquid laundry detergent 10 Baht so almost one Euro together. We could hang the laundry in our accommodation at the Baan Rom Pruk. Comfortable accommodation with very friendly hosts. We recommend the Baan Rom Pruk to you also gladly. In our article Start in Thailand you can find pictures and information about the bungalow.

The first pictures and videos

At Naiyang Beach we tested most of the equipment for the first time. We had received many of the technical equipment at very short notice. Especially the Sony Alpha 7 S II with the motorzoom and the GoPro Fusion 360 degree camera we were curious about. You can already see the first pictures. The videos are coming soon.

With the tripod and the high-quality photo equipment on the beach is once again a new experience. It’s something different if you take a few photos with your mobile phone as a holidaymaker or if you are on the road with a big backpack of equipment. So that we could nevertheless splash around in a relaxed manner, we have our anti-theft device with us. More about this soon in the article Travel Security.

The market on the way to Naiyang beach

When we came from the beach on Wednesday, the road was unusually busy. A few hundred meters away from the beach we realized why so many cars and motorcycles are on the way. It’s a market time. The market at Naiyang Beach is not huge and the vegetarian and vegan possibilities are very limited there, but at least we could buy cheap fruits. For the kilo of yellow mangoes 80 Baht was of course a dream for us. We eat pineapple, mango and coconut almost daily. A dream!

The on Wednesdays and Fridays in the evening, on all other days there is only one stand with some fruit. For a larger selection you have to go to Ban Wong Li.

Fruits at Naiyang Beach Market
Fruits at Naiyang Beach Market

à Da müssen wir überlegen wie wir das machen mit den Öffnungszeiten

The drive to Phuket City

It was also our hostess who brought us to Phuket City for 500 Baht. That’s fair. At the airport you pay between 600 and 800 Baht. She took us directly to our next accommodation and was shocked at what we booked for accommodation in Phuket City. You will see in the next article. Be curious and follow us.

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