Jana am Strand von Ko Yao Noi Beach

Ko Yao Noi

Jana am Strand von Ko Yao Noi Beach

Untouched Island Paradise

The small dream island Ko Yao Noi with very little tourism is a good place to live. In our small wooden hut in the Namtok bungalows you can really relax. Namtok means waterfall and it was next to one. But for the waterfall it was much too dry. It just dripped.

Ko Yao Yai is already known as a paradisiacal holiday destination, which is reflected in the prices. Therefore we decided to go to the smaller island of Ko Yao Noi, which has only been visited daily with speedboat and longtail boat since a few months. We decided to explore Ko Yao Noi first.

Local Bus
Local Bus

The trip to Ko Yao Noi

The trip started in Phuket Old Town with the local bus in which there are very few tourists. For 50 Baht per person (about 1,30 Euro) we drove from the city center to the Bang Rong Pier. The half hour drive in the open vehicle was eventful. Again and again passengers got on from the roadside, who lifted bigger purchases, like a flat screen, and tires. With hands and feet a conversation came about.

Unfortunately we missed the longtail boat at the Bang Rong Pier. So we had to transfer instead of the comfortable and traditional variant with the brand new, small speedboat. Since the boat actually takes off in places, in order to bang then again with full force on the sea, I was quite taken away from the journey. Arriving at the Manoh Pier I didn’t want to know anything about the rides. I felt like walking, even if Alf and all the Songthaews passing by told me not to. A Songthaew is, by the way, a flatbed truck on which benches were mounted. We also often call it a big tuk tuk because we still can’t pronounce Songthaew properly.

The way to the town of Ko Yao Noi

After a sweaty three kilometers we reached the Market. This is the official name for the island centre with its 50 houses. To refresh our energy we first had a Tom Ka soup. During the meal break the desire arose in us not to cover the further five kilometres on foot. Since at 35 degrees midday heat no human soul was to be seen on the road, we simply stood with our large backpacks at the roadside and waited. Our aimlessness worked out and an older gentleman on his scooter spoke to us. “Wait, wait” he said and is again sprayed away. After three minutes he was returned with a tuk tuk. At first I was not convinced that this construction would bring us and our four backpacks safely to the other end of the island. When Alf asked “Run or get in?” I gave myself a push.

My first Tuk Tuk ride will always remain in my memory. I am afraid but Alf also made big eyes when the Tuk Tuk touched the ground. By the way, our driver wore a helmet, we didn’t. That made me even more insecure. However, he took my fear very calmly and drove on very routinely. Meanwhile Alf had fun and said that 200 Baht for transport and roller coaster would be really fair. Oh what I tell them, just ride with us. Our GoPro Fusion recorded everything for you as a 360 degree video.


Namtok without Nam

I was delighted when we arrived safely at our accommodation, the Namtok Bungalows. Nam means water in Thai and a Namtok is a waterfall. But we got to know this relatively late, because the Namtok, which was next to us, was not seen or heard. We also searched for him, but unfortunately we had to find out that he was dried out at this time. He just dripped.

The facility of our accommodation was really beautiful and above all very green and alive. No paved roads and at night you only hear the jungle and the animals. For us a completely new experience and especially exciting. We are both very close to nature. We had been looking forward to coming here long before and were not disappointed. Our host often lay in the hammock and we were happy to follow him. A great attitude towards life and we knew we were right here.

Namtok bungalow complex in Ko Yao Noi
Namtok bungalow complex in Ko Yao Noi

Our bungalow in Ko Yao Noi

I had never been camping before, I first had to get used to the open architecture of our hut. Especially the airy bathroom with toilet and ice-cold shower took some getting used to. Animals of all kinds are of course included.

Thanks to the mosquito net over the bed we could still sleep undisturbed, but outside this safety zone I was a very popular victim of these little monsters. I had some heavy allergic reactions from the bites. Alf had more luck, he was almost never stung. So it is true, the best mosquito repellent is a travel partner who is constantly bitten. If we had already known more about mosquito repellent at that time, I would have been saved many bites.

Nevertheless we used our own terrace with hammock directly at the small lake every day, above all to sip fresh coconut, which we could harvest from the palm tree next to the house. Also drinking water could be replenished in Namtok for free. This saves a lot of money and reduces the plastic waste. We recommend the Namtok Bungalows to others. Who is looking for nature and peace will find them here.

In one of those hammocks,
the soul also dangles well.

Alf while dangling 

Scooter or bike tour on Koh Yao Noi?

The island is not very big and so we decided to rent two mountain bikes instead of the scooter. One scooter would have cost us 250 Baht for a whole day, the two bikes 400 Baht. But since they were quite decent mountain bikes, we found the price for one day in ok. We could rent the bikes in a small souvenir shop at Tha Khao Pier only 500 meters away from Namtok bungalow. The saleswoman gave us some tips on the way. The recommended rice fields were unfortunately similarly dried out as the waterfall, but the view over the green hills of the island was great.

At the roadside we saw beside free running cows also many rubber trees and coconut palms. Rubber, coconuts and fishing are besides tourism the main source of income of the islanders, who are very helpful and friendly. We were taken several times on the pickup truck on the island, without the drivers ever accepting a single Baht for it.

We did not imagine the small island near the tourist magnet Phuket to be so original and visitor-friendly.

After some ascents we reached the market quite sweaty. There you don’t only find shops and small restaurants, but also a tattoo studio that we both liked immediately.

Alf was interested in a traditional bamboo tattoo, while my filigree wish motif with shades should be better engraved with a machine. We got an appointment the next day for a prepayment. You can see the result in the article Machine vs. Bamboo.

A short guided tour in home garden

After a snack we drove along the coast. From the southern part of the island you can see the dream beach on Ko Yao Yai. From there taxi boats from 50 Baht per person also go to the white dream beach, but we had not planned for this. Besides it was incredibly hot and our drinking reserves were running out.

At our next stop we had a pleasant surprise. In Coffee Time by Amalena there was not only a guided tour through the huge garden. The proud owner let us also try all imaginable fruits. Only a few of them we were able to identify immediately. The garden was wonderful. The garden was simply wonderful. The nice lady showed us some bushes and made us understand with hand movements that the fruits cannot be eaten. But they are the favourite plants of butterflies. I was completely enchanted. What a great woman. If we should land on Ko Yao Noi again, then certainly also in a bungalow in Amalena. Oh, and as you may have noticed. We had a great time talking to each other, although the friendly hostess couldn’t speak a single word of English or German.  Really everything very easy on Ko Yao Noi.

Clean and lonely dream beaches

Our last stop was at the main beaches of the island, especially the beautiful Klong Jark Beach. Although some hotels and resorts have already opened here, the clean dream beaches are deserted. Here you will find untouched paradise and untroubled bathing fun.

We took that for granted, but after dozens of islands with littered beaches we almost see it as a miracle that Ko Yao Noi is so clean.

I think you should visit this paradise as long as it is not built-up yet. As we learned on the island from a German hotel manager, the mass tourism is not long in coming here either. If this were not the case, we would never have written an article about Ko Yao Noi, instead we would have kept this little paradise for ourselves.

The week went by much too fast. We would have extended without hesitation, but there are more islands waiting for us. Next on our itinerary is a bamboo hut in the jungle on Ko Lanta.  Join us again.

Our hut in Ko Yao Noi
Our hut in Ko Yao Noi

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