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Easy Life in Koh Lanta - Easy Life in Koh Lanta

A paradise for nature lovers

After our first cottage in Ko Yao Noi we were ready for even more adventure. We decided to go to Koh Lanta, a very popular island. Because it looked so romantic, we booked a bamboo hut in the jungle, without looking where the hut is located.

It was a bit naive of us not to check the connection from Ko Yao Noi to Koh Lanta before. Koh Lanta is not around the corner. However, we had already booked seven nights and couldn’t cancel it for free. Luck was with us. The solution to our problem came unexpectedly. At our tattoo appointment we found out by chance that there is a direct connection between the islands since a few days. It was one of the German managers of The Island Hideout Koh Yao who gave us this tip.

We booked our transfer online this time. On Ko Yao Noi there was no possibility. Via Tigerlineferry.com we paid 36 Euro per person. A proud price, but if you look on the map how far apart the two islands are, it’s quite okay. It was also a direct crossing with the speedboat and the 15 km transfer from Saladan Pier to the Easy Life Bungalows was included in the price. Nevertheless it was an exhausting trip. During speedboat trips I always feel a little nauseous.

Arriving at Saladan Pier a fee of 10 Baht per person was charged. The ticket said “Fee of the Parking Clean on Saladan”. We didn’t want to park or dispose of garbage, but in this case every tourist who wants to go to the island by boat pays.

Welcome to the jungle

After our shuttle driver got lost several times and had to ask for the Easylife at the roadside again and again, we were a little uncomfortable. After about an hour we arrived at the Easy Life Lanta Bungalow. The jungle camp is conveniently located directly on the main road. A circumstance that we later did not find so practical.

Anyway, at that time we were both quite sweaty, broken and hungry. We were just happy to put down our backpacks and look for something to eat. That was our plan, but unfortunately it didn’t come to that.

The beginning was not easy at all. The host and builder of the simple huts was not prepared for us. He said “oh sorry, have no booking and have no room”.

Easy Life Sign in Koh Lanta
Easy Life Sign in Koh Lanta

A chaotic host in Koh Lanta

At first we didn’t expect anything bad, because at least he had answered us and confirmed our booking. After we showed him his own message, he was completely overwhelmed. He said that there had been too many booking platforms for him and that he had deleted a few accounts from them. Yes, even the one where he already confirmed a room to guests. There were two small problems. We had already paid at Airbnb and we were standing in the middle of nowhere. There was option to just move or take a tuk tuk. There was nothing. We were a little bit desperate.

Then our host came up with an extraordinary solution. He pressed his tablet into my hand and told me to simply write another guest that he could not come because there was no room left. Aha! There we knew! Then we knew that he also had not written our confirmation himself. I hesitated and Jana said that we could not do that. At that moment his wife came and said that a hut would be free for us. That was close.

With our reservation and the payment over Airbnb our host could not do anything, every discussion did not help. Out of necessity we booked three nights for the equivalent of 39 Euro and cancelled the booking with Airbnb. Fortunately, Airbnb refunded us the complete fees. That was okay. The price difference was not okay because we had originally booked for 9 € per night and the host wanted 13 Euro. Well, we had no choice.

Our hut in Koh Lanta

We didn’t want to let this bumpy start spoil our days in the jungle of Koh Lanta. We were happy to have a hut for three nights. In addition, Man, our chaotic host, has very sweet children who immediately conquered my heart. He also apologized to us several times and was very anxious to give us a chilled-out stay. His wife is by the way a wonderful cook and makes the best curry of all Koh Lanta. A Thai curry couldn’t be better.

After the delicious curry everything was fine again. Man told interesting stories about Koh Lanta and also knew a lot about the plants in his garden.

Easy Life in Koh Lanta

The bungalows are not called EasyLife for no reason. Our hut was only meant for sleeping. During the day it was much too warm in it. But the simple house had a terrace with a hammock, which was fantastic for relaxing. The shared bathroom, if you may call it that, was already close to culture shock for me. Also new for us was the toilet flushing. There was a ceramic toilet but the flushing was manual. The shower was also rustic and was made of a bamboo cane from which icy cold spring water came. For Alf this was absolutely no problem. He is always satisfied with what he has and I admire that so much about him. But as a globetrotter I also have to get used to it. This means getting out of the comfort zone and taking life as it is.

Hammcock in Koh-Lanta
Our hammcock in Koh-Lanta

Three days in nature

Well, the civilization was not far away. As mentioned, the road passed right in front of the Easylife jungle but the road to Koh Lanta Old Town, two kilometers away, was not very busy. But you didn’t need 7-ELEVEN because the fresh water came for free from a spring and the food in Easylife was really good. This was also due to the fact that many ingredients came fresh from the own garden. There was almost everything: coconut palms, papaya trees, mango trees, different chillies and much more.

Man liked to take the time to lead us through his garden. Of course we were also allowed to eat from the chillies. He came when we ate in the restaurant huts and brought us something new. Between the feet chickens, turkeys, cats, geckos and sweet children are running. Besides, so many lovely butterflies fly around you. It was simply beautiful to let the soul dangle in this natural environment.

A dream for every nature lover

On the river you can also paddle along by canoe. Very recommendable and relaxing. We liked to walk around and always discovered new plants or gecko species. Alf spent hours watching Man’s brother harvesting rubber and it was wonderful how he handled the animals. He seldom spoke to people . But he inspired us without words. He probably also felt our enthusiasm and always met us with an open smile.

Rubber tree harvest in Ko Yao Noi
Rubber tree harvest in Koh Lanta

For all those who want to stay at Easylife Koh Lanta: there are also larger huts with their own bathroom, which are only one euro more per night. If you are looking for a simple and relaxed life, this is the place for you. Our neighbours were a super loving family and there was a familiar atmosphere. The surroundings are just a dream.

Finally we had a great time with Man and his family. After three days I still wanted my own bathroom with a warm shower and a real bed. So we walked withour baggage to Koh Lanta Old Town. A place where we stayed much longer than planned. Why will you find out in the next travel article. We are looking forward to showing you Koh Lanta Old Town.

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