Take it Easy-Schild in Ko Yao Noi

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Take it Easy-Schild in Ko Yao Noi - Take it Easy-Schild in Ko Yao Noi

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we are Jana and Alf. As globetrotter and backpacker we would like to share our experiences here on our travel blog and take you with us to experience our favorite travel destinations.

We started in Thailand on December 9, 2017 and our travel blog is online almost exactly three months later. Soon we will catch up with our articles and soon we would also like to complement video and 360 degrees VR experiences. Just take a look and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, your feedback is very important to us. Every comment helps and motivates us. Thanks!

Greetings from Southeast Asia,
Jana and Alf

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Koh Lanta Old Town

The Old Town of the island Lanta In Koh Lanta Old Town you can not only fill a day trip with content, but also spend a few days. A scooter is needed to get to the beach, but the piers and terraces of the restaurants and guesthouses are a great alternative. We slept on the…